About Us

Since the beginning of 2017,”ALAKH NIRANJAN ENGINNERING TECHNOLOGIES” has been one of the efficient manufacturer, supplier, exporter, provider, services, trader and retailer of Static & Dynamic pass box, Laminar & Reverse Laminar Air Flow Unit, Garment Cabinets, Air Shower, Air curtains, Modular operation Theatres ( OT ), Bio Safety Cabinets, Fume hood, Clean rooms , Air Handling Units & Air Filters. As well as we are dealing in ERP, Software development, Web designing. We always use best and affordable innovative techniques for implementation of products which meets to clients demands.

To be the respected company in the research, innovations and manufacturing of quality product over globe.
Grow the business through ethical and superior customer services and affordable quality innovative products ensuring greater social responsibility and value creation.

Our Products

 HVAC Consultancy

We have been to primarily focus on appropriate sizing of HVAC components; which is critical for the design of energy efficient HVAC system at optimum cost, taking into consideration various factors such as climate, building configuration, space usage, system zoning and layouts.

A significant amount of energy is used to distribute water for space cooling due to year round cooling loads in nations. An efficient and proper design can result in substantial operating and capital savings, and can thus have a significant impact on a building's total energy consumption.

Clean Room Products 

Availability of clean room products in standard and Customize sizes.

1. Static & Dynamic Pass Box
2. Laminar & Reverse Laminar Air 3. Flow Unit (LAF & RLAF)
4. Garment Cabinets
5. Air Shower
6. Air curtains
7. Modular operation Theatres (OT)
8. Bio Safety Cabinets
9. Fume hood
10. Clean roms
11. Air Handling Units
12. Air Filters

HVAC Validation

1. Velocity & ACPH (Air Changes Per Hour)
2. Integrity Test
3. Air Borne Non Viable Particle count test
4. Clean room Area recovery test / AHU performance test
5. Air flow visualization Test
6. HVAC project commissioning 
7. HVAC tests as per ISO 14644 or EU GMP standards 
 8. Annual Maintenance 

Hospital Consultancy

New Modification annual maintenance of Modular Operation Theater, different types of care units like ICU, clean room equipment, classified equipment, IVF Labs.

Professional Services


ERP plays a prominent role in developing strong abilities and making architecture scalable, easy to use and integration as well as implementation.

The ERP System has greatly influenced all kind of business by developing the strategic alignment and other efficiencies of human resource.

ERP software solutions are the providers of a premium enterprise resource planning that can speed your business processes, bring in precision and proficiency and help you plan ahead of time. No matter how big or small your business is, with the power of ERP it is bound to be on the top of the success charts.

Software Development

We are in leading Software Development service in India. We are focused on delivering customized application software solutions in client/server platform and in web domain. We provide component development services for the popular technologies & platforms.

Our responsibility as a software development is to design your company’s software in a way that it integrates properly within your organization.

Web Designing

Our Dedicated web development and Web Design team develop websites that are search engine friendly.

Your website is the most important component of your company’s marketing plan. It’s the central hub for your messaging and content marketing efforts. All other marketing materials should support and drive traffic to your website. As website design and development technology has progressed over the years, you now have more digital marketing tools than ever before.

Research and Innovations

Research and innovation process that takes into account effects and potential impacts on the environment and society.

You can register independent inventions, innovations and research from us. Your development ideas will confidential till your patent registration and after that. You can email us via inquiry form our ongoing Research and Innovation.

Organ Donation Box - this organ donation box have controlled environment which couldn't increase bacterial growth and organ can safely reached to acceptor for transplant.
This unit made up of stainless steel and air cleanliness meets controlled environment standards of ISO or EU GMP.